Where entrepreneurs gain clarity about their vision & create a profitable plan


 One full day training and connecting 

Saturday April 27, 2019 | The Gladstone Hotel

10 AM - 5 PM EST | 1214 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1J6


Only $97 + HST  


No one knows how hard being an entrepreneur is better than you. It is one of the most difficult yet rewarding journeys one can undertake - a true personal growth catalyst. Yet many driven and passionate entrepreneurs give up on their dreams because they don't see the results they want. They begin to doubt themselves and what they have to offer, believing that they or what they do isn't worth it.

Studies show that contrary to popular belief, businesses don't fail because of a lack of money (capital) - they fail because of what the business owners fail to do. This is great news! It means that as a business owner, you have 100% authority over the choices you make for your business to increase its chances of success.

Working 7 years with the Canada Revenue Agency gave me insight into why hundreds of businesses fail each year and why hundreds more stay in the black. Over 21 years sales and marketing experience has helped me identify the key parts needed to start and sustain your dream business. Not knowing these essential mindset, sales, marketing and business strategy parts leads to a lot of frustration, anxiety, and disappointment. This is where many give up.  

I'm Julia Katsivo, an award-winning social entrepreneur and business coach. I created The Successful & Smart Live Event to help you nail the mindset, marketing and business strategy you need to be successful in 2019. 

"I had no idea how much that one day would change my life. To say the least, this one day was completely life changing for me as an entrepreneur, and even on a personal level." Brian B, Tech Startup  

"Within 30 minutes I had an epiphany that completely changed the vision for my business. I came in with one tunnel vision view for my business and very quickly that was diverted to my true desires and goals for my future." Rina R, Entrepreneur

What is this event about?

This is an interactive hands-on training and live coaching full day event for a select amazing group of entrepreneurs who want to feel confident with a profitable plan to ROCK their business and be SEEN in a mighty way

The day promises answers to your most pressing marketing and business strategy questions while providing an environment that fosters connection and community

"Julia Katsivo is... amazing... and has a real passion to help others achieve their full potential." Mark B, Sales& Marketing Professional 

"I have to say that my full day experience working with Julia Katsivo, has shifted so many things for me, both personally and professionally. I now feel renewed confidence and strength in my vision." Anita S, Book Publisher  

"It was an extremely enjoyable experience of being trained by Julia." Vitaliy V, Director, Software Development

How do I know that this event is for me?

Tell me if this sounds familiar... 

- You're super excited about your business but you don't know how to get yourself out there  

- You love the idea of "monetizing your passion" but when it comes to making money you're stuck  

- You're clear about your services and how you can transform lives but you have no idea how to find your clients  

- You want to leave your full-time job to start your own fulfilling business but you don't know what you'll do

If you're spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to get your products and services to market, where to begin or how to gain traction - you can't afford to miss this event

Maybe you don't think you need the infomation or you won't have the time - but if you haven't made headway in your business in the last year EVEN though you desire a profitable and sustainable business - you need this

"I was impressed with all the ah-ha moments I had." Devonia D, Realtor, Designer



We start off with powerful mindset work to create the foundation for multiple breakthroughs throughout the day


We take an in-depth look into organic marketing for your small business - exactly what you need to know to create a compelling marketing plan that works


We create a profitable & sustainable plan that will bring in more of the clients you love - yes! You'll walk out with an actionable plan you can immediately execute


There is a dedicated section for live coaching dedicated to answering YOUR most pressing questions  

Only $97 + HST 


Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher - Oprah Winfrey

The first few registrants receive FREE access to a two hour VIP Reception immediately after the event where you receive even more of my expertise while connecting with other fast action-takers

The VIP Reception helps you build organic ties with the entrepreneurs you've interacted with all day

You get the chance to ask me follow-up questions from the learnings of the event. Maybe you still need clarification or are uncomfortable speaking up in front of others - this is your chance to get MORE help 

"I would highly recommend attending the event if you want to get clarity." Charmaine B, Image Consultant

"This woman is a powerhouse! By that, I mean she commands your attention with her super positive energy and makes you feel completely comfortable in every situation." Karen H, Branding & Marketing Professional

"Julia Katsivo has the amazing ability to stand, deliver and engage with audience." Jim P, Branding & Marketing Professional


This exclusive event is expected to sell out so don't delay in registering your ticket*

Only $97 + HST